Kaiju Says Welcome to ShopMonster

Kaiju the ShopMonsterShopMonster is a new service that helps you make more money from your WooCommerce store.

We take away the headache of maintaining your site, keeping it secure, improving conversion rates and growing traffic.

If you want to learn more about our WooCommerce support, maintenance and development service and why we think it creates value, take a look at our original article on the subject: Your Web Developer Doesn’t Return Your Calls – Here’s Why.

Introducing Kaiju

Kaiju is our beloved mascot. He's a friendly monster. He's here to nurture your WooCommerce store and help it flower - growing your revenue in the process.

But let's not forget. He is a monster. And he's not afraid to trample the competition on your behalf. Sometimes he just can't help himself.

Thanks Kaiju.

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Kaiju Delivering Mail
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