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How To Use Quora For Content Marketing

What is Quora? (launched in 2010) is a website where questions are asked, answered, edited and organised by its enormous worldwide community of users. It is a place where everyone with access to a computer, tablet or smartphone can gain and share knowledge. And it’s free to use. What can I do on the […]

How To Tag Products In Facebook Posts

Facebook's Product Catalog feature allows eCommerce store owners to upload products to their Facebook pages. Once uploaded, product data (images, copy, prices) can be used in Facebook dynamic (retargeting) ads but also to tag products from your catalog directly within Facebook posts. You can tag products in posts with photos and videos.   Right now (Apr […]

Stripe or SagePay - Which Is The Best Choice?

TL;DR Compared to SagePay (and many other payment gateway alternatives), Stripe is the market leader. It is cheaper, faster and has a much larger user-base which means customers are familiar with it. What is Stripe? Stripe is a simple way to accept payments online. With Stripe you can accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and […]

WooCommerce Search By SKU - A Quick Fix Using Google Custom Search Engine

The WordPress built-in search has always had its issues. WooCommerce comes with its own product search widget which can be used by customers on the public-facing website but it too has significant limitations. For example, it’s not possible to search the product catalog by SKU. We recently encountered this limitation first-hand when consulting with our […]

How To Use Email To Market Your Business And Increase Sales

If your business has a website, it needs to earn its keep. If it sells your products, it should provide visitors with every piece of information they need in order for them to make a purchase. If it promotes your service or charitable organisation, it should convert casual visitors into leads by encouraging them to pick […]

Grow Your Website's Traffic and Increase Sales

... A Roadmap for Overcoming eCommerce Speed Bumps So you've got an eCommerce store that's ticking over. You've done everything right - the site is built with WordPress and WooCommerce. Your product or service fulfils a niche. People are searching for it online and occasionally finding you. You're making sales. But deep down you know things need to improve. If your business (or at least […]

Your Web Developer Doesn't Return Your Calls - Here's Why

I've worked in and with small to medium sized businesses over the years. From both viewpoints I've been privy to the relationship that exists between a company and its web developer. In some instances I've been the company employee responsible for hiring and liaising with a web developer. Most of the time, I've been the web developer hired […]

Kaiju Says Welcome to ShopMonster

ShopMonster is a new service that helps you make more money from your WooCommerce store. We take away the headache of maintaining your site, keeping it secure, improving conversion rates and growing traffic. If you want to learn more about our WooCommerce support, maintenance and development service and why we think it creates value, take a look […]


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